Capes for the Minnesota Winter Weddings

The inevitable winter cold is soon upon us. While that may sound a little bitter (pun intended) it also brings amazing snowy pictures for any bride. Staying warm during your big day is key to a happy and enjoyable time for your photo sessions. Capes, wraps, muffs and...

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Minnesota Same Sex Marriage Bill Passes!

State of Minnesota Passes the Gay Marriage Law Into Effect 2013 Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill into effect, and as of August 1, 2013, same sex marriage couples will be able to legally be married in the state of Minnesota. August 1, 2013 That doesn't give the...

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Bridal Chaise Lounge Photos in Edina, MN

After Your Wedding Alterations in Edina MN, The final chapter: Chaise lounge photos. To our staff at Amazing Alterations, each client is a new and exciting story. The book begins with the bride bringing us her dress, and each fitting and conversation is a new chapter....

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