Dress Reconstruction

Sometimes we want to hold on to certain items because we love the patterns and textures of the fabric. Or perhaps they hold sentimental value.

There are lots of ways to transform, alter, embellish and reconstruct an old or outdated gown into a fashionable and trendy dress. With a little imagination and creativity you can even make the old new again!

Dress Reconstruction MN | Mothers Wedding Dress Before Minneapolis
Before Reconstruction
Dress Reconstruction MN | Mothers Wedding Dress After Minneapolis
After Reconstruction

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Reconstructions of a Mother’s Wedding Dress

You are getting married, and you want to wear your mom’s dress. It may not exactly be the “latest style” or exactly what you want, and you are not sure how to get it there. At Amazing Alterations, we have experience making your mother’s gown your own for your very special day. We can do an initial consultation to show you possibilities for making her gown truly yours…with all the sentiment intact.

Some of the services that we can do with that are:

  • Sleeve removal
  • Mesh and lace removal and reconstructing (taking the high neckline down)
  • Older flower removal
  • Skirt taken in or up or adding to it
  • Train removal
  • Adding a piece of her gown to your dress so a piece of her gown is in your ceremony

Those are just a few things that we can do. Every gown is an individual circumstance, so each gown is perfectly unique to you!

We offer free consultations, where Brenda will walk you through the process and work on creating your vision while you are standing in the gown.

These custom, one-of-a-kind treasured gowns are works of art, and will take some time. Please book early so we have enough time to create your dream dress.

Call today for a consultation, 763-432-5243, and we look forward to meeting you!

Mother’s Reconstruction 1

Mother’s Reconstruction 2

Bridesmaid Reconstruction