Wedding Gown Accessories, Hoops vs. Crinoline in Anoka, MN

Let Amazing Alterations in Anoka County MN, help you decide between a hoop or crinoline for your wedding or formal gown!

You’ve done the dress, shoe, and accessory shopping for your big day…but what about the undergarments? Along with bust cups, a hoop or crinoline can give your dress the shape you are looking for. But how to choose between the two options to give your skirt the defined shape you desire? We suggest you try on our adjustable, comfortable two- or three-ring hoops. Here are three reasons why a hoop is the right choice:

  1. A hoop is more comfortable than crinoline. Crinoline is scratchy, heavy, and hot; its simple function is to push out the fabric of your skirt by placing more fabric between the dress and your legs. Our hoops push the fabric of your skirt away from your legs, allowing for plenty of ventilation.
  2. A hoop won’t restrict your movement. While the scratchy bunches of fabric of crinoline suffocates your legs and makes it difficult to walk comfortably, a hoop gives you plenty of open space under your skirt to cross your legs, walk around, or pull out whatever funky dance moves you’ve been working on. Also, while the crinoline is constantly tucked around your toes, the hoop is nearly impossible to trip on – the flexible rings are pushed away from your toes as you walk.
  3. A hoop is adjustable. Each individual ring on the hoop can be adjusted to fit your needs. This is important for two reasons. First, the hoop can be sized to fit any kind of dress, from ball gown to A-line to mermaid. Second, the hoop can sometimes eliminate the need for a hem, as the wider the hoop is made, the further it pulls the dress off the ground. Some brides choose to widen the circumference of the hoop during the reception to prevent the dress from getting stepped on or dirty.

Before you buy that itchy crinoline, come in and try our hoops. We promise it will be worth your time! Contact Amazing Alterations today with any questions about hoops, or to set up a free consultation to see how we can help you make your gown the dress of your dreams. Call us at 763-432-5243 or send us an email at We look forward to talking with you!