Bridal Chaise Lounge Photos in Edina, MN

After Your Wedding Alterations in Edina MN, The final chapter: Chaise lounge photos.

To our staff at Amazing Alterations, each client is a new and exciting story. The book begins with the bride bringing us her dress, and each fitting and conversation is a new chapter. However, the story doesn’t end when the bride has the dress of her dreams; it ends with the final photo.

Once the dress fits, the accessories are found, and the bride’s excitement has fully settled in, we have one final step to make the whole wedding preparation experience come together. Before the bride take the dress home, we have her pose for a final photo on our elegant chaise lounge. You get to keep this picture for free – our thanks to you for letting us share in your experience! Have a look at some photos from our previous clients below.

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