Bridesmaids Dress Alterations

You have been asked to be a bridesmaid – how fun!  As a bridesmaid, you also have responsibilities.  Being support for the bride is your number one priority.  But we know you want to look fabulous, too!

You have purchased your dress, and if you are in the rare 3%, it will fit perfectly.  However, the majority of dresses will need a hem shortened, a tuck here or there, or straps shortened.  That is what Amazing Alterations can do for you with quality, affordable, custom alterations.

Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

Some of the services that we provide for bridesmaids are:Minnesota Bridesmaids Dress Alterations Minneapolis St Paul MN

  • Hems
  • Taking the bust or hip area in
  • Custom alterations
  • Custom wraps
  • Corseting
  • Embellishing with Swarovski Crystals
  • Fast turn-around
  • Affordable pricing


We at Amazing Alterations realize that being a bridesmaid can be expensive for you.  That is why we try to keep your alterations at a realistic cost to you, while giving you the dress you will love to wear!  We can also customize your dresses with that something special you may want by embellishing with Swarovski crystals.

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