Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I book my first appointment?
Getting on our calendar is the hardest part. If you know you need an evening appointment, call as soon as possible to book a first fitting (when we will pin the dress and decide what alterations need to be done) and a second fitting (when we will either make a few small adjustments, if necessary, or you will take the dress home with you). From February to the end of October, we book up VERY quickly, sometimes even a few months out. Once we have you on the calendar, the hardest part is over!

How many fittings will I have?
For bridal gowns, we usually do two or three fittings. There have been occasions for more, if there is a weight loss regime in place, a pregnancy, or something unique like that. We can accommodate special circumstances to get your dress fitting you perfectly in the time frame that you require. For bridesmaid or other formal dresses, two fittings is usually all we need. Sometimes we are able to make small adjustments while you wait! We can make an appointment closer to your wedding date if you are trying to lose weight, or tone up, so you don’t have to do more fittings.

How long does it take?
For bridal, ideally it would be great to have a couple of months. It is nice to have some flexibility in scheduling. It’s ideal to have an initial consultation, then we can work with your scheduling to get you back in. We can work with closer time frames – the biggest timing issue we have is getting you on the calendar to book the fitting room.

For bridesmaids, we can do closer turn-around times. We understand that dresses come in later than expected, and we can get you in.

How much do alterations cost?
This is a question we hear all the time, and it is one that is super hard to answer over the phone. Every garment is different, every manufacturer is different, and it depends on what we are doing to the garments. We have some ball park prices, but none of those are locked in (however, we will be happy to give ballpark ranges if you call and give us a description of the dress and expected alterations). We are fair in our pricing, and can give you an exact estimate once we fit you. It’s a free consultation, so there are no surprises.

My dress is unique with lots of beading, do you have experience with that?
We have years of experience working with fine fabrics, beading, sequins, rhinestones, and feathers.  We understand that your wedding gown, pageant gown, or prom dress is precious to you, and we take great care in every garment, giving you that perfect fit regardless of the beading and stoning.

Do you offer steaming services?
Yes we do.  Once we are finished perfecting your dress or clothing items, we can certainly steam.  For bridal gowns when we steam, we ask you to bring a bed sheet with you for pickup. We wrap your dress in it so the train can drape down and not get re-wrinkled.  *Note: It is not recommended to steam silk!  We can discuss other options for silk garments.

What kind of clothes do you alter?
We specialize in bridal and formalwear, but we also do casual clothes, sundresses, swimsuits, special needs, and custom work.

What do I bring to an appointment?
Bring the item we are altering and shoes, undergarments or accessories you are planning on wearing with it.