Why Do You Want To Bustle Your Wedding Gown?

Bustling Your Wedding Dress Will Make It Easy To Enjoy Your Wedding Day!
You have purchased your dream dress, it is perfect! And it has a very big train, or even a little train, but there is a lot of fabric around your legs, which will look great in pictures, but what do you do with it when you want to move around? You could enlist a few people to be on “train carrying duty”. But that isn’t a great reality. So when You Want Ease Of Movement At Your Reception, Bustling Your Dress Is the Answer.

What is a Bustle?
It is pickup points that lift your dress in various places to make it easy to move around. You want 3 things to happen when you are bustling your dress:

1. You want it to stay. If it doesn’t stay, that is what you are focusing on that day, instead of focusing on your new husband, and your guests.
2. You want it to compliment the look of your dress. You want it to flow, and look fabulous!
3. You want it to be easy for the ladies helping you, so that you aren’t standing there forever, while your wedding is going on.

At Amazing Alterations, we have simplified the bustling process. We use buttons and loops and when we show you how to bustle your gown, it shouldn’t take any longer than 2 minutes and you should be on your way to celebrate!
Every gown bustles differently, and it is all a personal choice. You can have the same gown and bustle it differently for different tastes. We will be happy to show you as many different styles for your particular wedding gown.
If you would like to book a consultation today, call us at: 763-432-5243, and we will get you in!