What To Bring To Your Wedding Gown Fitting.

What should you bring to a fitting?

A great attitude!  We do fun fittings at Amazing Alterations!  We know you are nervous, and wonder if everything is going to be ok, well we are here to ensure that!

When we do fittings at Amazing Alterations, we want to ensure that the dress is going to fit you perfectly, and in making that happen you need to bring everything you are going to wear underneath to your fitting.  Like what?  Items such as your bra and shoes.

We have a great solution for a bra alternative!  We have great bust cups, they are a gel-filled bust cup, that get sewn directly into your dress, and you use your dress as your bra support.  Before you go and buy a bra that you can’t return, try bust cups instead.  They are way more comfortable, and are free to try in your consultation.

Shoes, they are a must.   For us to be able to get your hem perfect you should have your shoes.  Unless you are going to do a hoop, then there is room to adjust the hem length, but you should bring your shoes to your first fitting.

And a crinoline? Just say “No”.   I offer Hoops that are way more comfortable, and adjustable, and not all that fabric around your legs. You can check out my Hoops page to see exactly what I am talking about.

We look forward to meeting you!  We are here to help, and to make your fitting a memorable, fun, “girl-time” experience.

Call today 763-432-5243, or email appts@amazingalterations.com  to schedule an appointment today!