Wedding Traditions from Amazing Alterations: The Rings

Western Wedding Traditions and How Amazing Alterations in Minneapolis Can Play a Role in Your Wedding

By the time our brides-to-be walk through our doors at Amazing Alterations, they usually already have a ring to show off to us. The wedding ring is a symbol of commitment and eternal love, and during the wedding preparation process it is a constant reminder of what you have to look forward to after a few months of stressful planning.

The wedding ring was used as early as ancient Egypt, when grasses and reeds were twisted into circular ornaments such as rings or necklaces. The Egyptians saw the circle as  a symbol of eternity, and the hole in the center as a gateway into the new or unknown. They were given as a symbol of immortal love.

The Romans adopted this tradition with a slight change: rather than using the rings as a symbol of loved, they used the rings as a symbol of ownership. Roman wedding rings were used by a man to “claim” a woman, and were made of iron to symbolize permanence and strength.

Christian wedding rings were first seen in the 9th century AD, and were said to symbolize a “union of hearts.”

Though throughout history the wedding ring has been worn on various fingers, it is now worn on the left hand ring finger. One possible explanation for this is the ancient belief that this finger had a vein connecting directly to the heart—the “Vena Amoris” or “Vein of Love.” This has been proven false, but many romantics remain inspired by the myth. Another explanation for the placement is the ring is least likely to be damaged there. Most of the world is right-handed, which means the left hand is probably used less. The ring finger is the second-least used finger on the hand beside the pinky, and the pinky finger is too small for the intricacies of the ring.

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