Wedding Traditions from Amazing Alterations: The Ring Bearer

Western Wedding Traditions and How Amazing Alterations in Minneapolis Can Play a Role in Your Wedding

In western weddings, it is common for a young boy, sometimes a relative of the family, to serve as the ring bearer. This tradition could have originated from ancient Egypt, when boys carried treasured jewels on ornamented pillows during the wedding ceremony as a show of wealth.

In modern weddings, the ring bearer’s role seems quite flexible. Some ring bearers hold signs instead of rings. Some are young girls. Some are outside the most common ages of four to ten. Some have four legs and fur. Whoever you decide to do the honor, Amazing Alterations can help them look great and feel comfortable during their important walk down the aisle (yes, we can even make formal clothes for your furry friend!). Call us today at 763-432-5243 or email us at to set up a free consultation! Stay tuned to learn about the history of the maid of honor.