Wedding Traditions from Amazing Alterations: The Flower Girl

Western Wedding Traditions and How Amazing Alterations in Minneapolis Can Play a Role in Your Wedding

Although sometimes we forget, the bride is not the only one preparing for the wedding! Most wedding ceremonies include a young girl, sometimes a relative of the bride or groom, who trots down the aisle throwing petals.

The tradition of the flower girl originated in ancient Rome, where a young girl would carry wheat and herbs for blessings of prosperity and fertility. Centuries later, Elizabethan flower girls would walk the aisle with a silver cup holding a rosemary branch. The entire path from the wedding service to the bride’s home would be covered in rose petals and the bride’s family’s home would be decorated with blossoms. In Western Europe, the role of children was not limited to the flower girl and ring bearer; the entire wedding party would be made up of children. This practice is still common in royal weddings today. The Victorian version of the flower girl is the most relevant today: an innocent young girl dressed in white, carrying a basket of fresh flowers to welcome the couple to the altar. The flower girl is the connection between childhood and womanhood, and a reminder of the fleeting moments of innocence and youth.

In modern weddings, the flower girl’s dress sometimes matches the dresses of the bridal party or is a miniature version of the bride’s own dress.

At Amazing Alterations, we can keep your young flower girl from squirming in an uncomfortable dress by getting it to fit properly. We suggest altering children’s apparel much closer to the wedding than the bride or bridesmaids, as children grow very quickly! We offer quick, affordable alterations and a friendly staff who will make your child feel safe and happy. Call us today at 763-432-5243 or email us at to set up a free consultation for your flower girl! Stay tuned to learn about the history of ring bearers.