Wedding Traditions from Amazing Alterations: Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Western Wedding Traditions and How Amazing Alterations in Minneapolis Can Play a Role in Your Wedding

Most brides-to-be are familiar with the Victorian rhyme: “The bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” At Amazing Alterations, we can help you incorporate all the parts of this rhyme into your wedding ensemble! Here are a few ideas of how we can make it possible for you to have the good luck that following this tradition is said to bring:

Something old to express the desire to maintain a connection with family once you are married: We work with many brides who choose to incorporate parts of their mother’s wedding dress into their wedding. If you choose to wear your mother’s dress, we can update, reconstruct, or alter her gown so it looks as if it was made for you. If you’d like to use a more subtle “old” item, we can revamp your mother’s veil for you to use, use lace from her dress to edge your veil or dress, incorporate a part of her dress or veil into your garter, or sew a piece of her dress underneath your skirt.

Something new to represent a united future of health and happiness: Most brides choose to purchase a new dress for this part of the tradition. At Amazing Alterations, we can get your new dress fitting you perfectly so you are comfortable and confident on your big day. We offer affordable dress alterations, undergarments (hoops and bust cups), bustling, custom veils, custom winter-wear for a winter wedding, and custom and name-brand jewelry and accessories.

Something borrowed, usually from a happily married woman to lend some of her fortune and joy to the bride or from the family to show their love and support: We can help you incorporate this piece seamlessly into your wedding ensemble.

Something blue to symbolize fidelity: We can also incorporate this into your garter, veil, or dress using satin ribbon, rhinestones, applique, lace, stitching, or anything else you can think of that can fulfill this piece of the tradition. For winter weadings, our custom wraps and capes also come in blue faux fur!

What most brides don’t realize is that the rhyme actually ends with “…and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” So don’t forget to put a penny in your shoe for wealth in the future! 

Amazing Alterations can help you come up with fun ways to stick with this tradition. Call us today at 763-432-5243 or email us at to set up a free consultation! Stay tuned to learn about the tradition of the flowergirl.