Going to Prom In A Stunning Prom Dress at Spring Lake Park High?  We can create custom garters to match your dress.

Once your dress is fitting beautifully, you’ll want to take care of the final touch: the garter. Let Amazing Alterations be your one-stop prom shop by creating your custom garter!

We create handmade custom garters using matching lace and ribbon. Sometimes, we can even use fabric from the dress taken from a hem or unused strap to match perfectly. With some rhinestones and color, your garter can be just as fabulous as your gown!

Amazing Alterations is there every step of the way to make you feel special on your prom night. Call today (be sure to contact us ASAP, we fill up quickly for prom season!) to set up a free consultation at 763-432-5243, or email us at appts@amazingalterations.com. Stay tuned for our final post of the prom series to see how we make the whole experience come together!


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  1. Rabadila Dec 19, 2015 at 10:24

    Wow. That was wonderful and oh boy did it bring back meremios. My son just graduated from college, and these past 4 years I have missed baseball, so much. Your photos are wonderful, and your story, touching and alive. And the running home way too funny!


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