Prom Dress Alterations in Champlin, MN (Part 3): Dress Hem

Going to Prom in Champlin MN?  How we can help you adjust the hem on your prom dress.

First things first: before we can help you with your dress hem, we need to know how tall your shoes will be! Whether you’ll be rocking the four-inch spikes or the rhinestoned flip-flops, what we do with your hem will depend on the shoes.

Once you have your dress and shoes picked out, we can help make the hem just the right length. There are a few options for a prom hem:

  1. Traditional hem. This hem brushes your toes so you can avoid getting the bottom of your dress dirty (or tripping during pictures).
  2. Train. Many times, prom dresses are made extremely long…usually to avoid a dress being too short with high heels. With a train, we hem the front of the dress to brush your toes but ease the hem out to leave extra material in the back. This hem looks beautiful in pictures, and makes the dress seem a bit more formal.
  3. High-low hem. The hem is short in the front (usually around knee length), but long in the back. This look is very popular right now in semi-formalwear, but is possible for prom dresses, too! This look doesn’t work for mermaid style dresses, but looks lovely with flowy chiffon.
  4. Bustling. Bustling isn’t just for wedding gowns! If your prom dress already has a train, we can either temporarily or permanently bustle it, creating romantic detail and body in the back of your gown. This way, you avoid cutting the hem but don’t have to worry about tripping on your dress!

At Amazing Alterations, we can make sure you feel confident in your prom dress. Call today to find out what we can do with the them on your prom dress, or to set up a free consultation, at 763-432-5243 or email us at Make sure to contact us as soon as possible – we are filling up fast for prom season! Stay posted to hear more about how we can help make your prom dress the dress of your dreams.