Special Needs Alterations

If you or someone you care for has a physical disability, you know that finding clothes to meet their unique clothing requirements, fit well and look good can be a problem.

Amazing Alterations also specialize in special needs alterations. We help unique situations be a breeze with creative ideas and concepts for those in wheelchairs, or with prosthetic, post-mastectomy, or burn victims so that everyone can wear fashionable, comfortable, and well-fitted clothing.

Some of the things we can do are, making special straps for wheel chairs, or taking existing straps, and making them nude in color so someone doesn’t appear to be strapped in, giving the illusion of freedom.  We have made some pretty cool trach straps to match formal dresses, even blinging the little “nose” piece with Swarovski crystals so they look like a choker.

We can make slings, chair enhancements, or cast wraps.  Sometimes you just want to look your best, and if you have a broken bone, the casts can look worn or simply do not match.  We can make them match a certain outfit, so you can be “event ready”.

We have even modified and enhanced chairs for people that want to go hiking, and aren’t able to walk the whole distance.

Call today to set up a consultation, and we will create a great solution for your unique needs!