Debbie Knutson

I want to thank Brenda for her amazing work that she did on my wedding dress. My situation was very unique. I was a bride getting married in MN but I reside in Germany. I flew in two weeks before the wedding…

The only real issue with my dress was the bust that had to be adjusted. She took it in twice and it was still too big but to take it in anymore would mess up the line of the dress. So, she came up with another idea that looked beautiful.

The first time I was at Brenda’s I tried on my new earrings to go with my dress and of course I lost an earring back. To my amazement when we came back to pick up the dress she found the earring back. Brenda is awesome and if anyone that I know is getting married in MN I am sending them to her.

Thank you so much for making my wedding day very special.

Debbie L. Knutson