Custom Plus-Sized Clothing in Minneapolis, MN (Part 2): Custom Shirts

Amazing Alterations in Anoka, MN, can help you create a mix-and-match wardrobe to suit your needs!

If you are often unable to find comfortably fitting clothing in stores, Amazing Alterations can help you boost your wardrobe with quality custom shirts. We know that many men and women struggle to find tops that fit both the shoulders and hips, or both length and width. We’re here to help you solve these problems. After scheduling a consultation, you and our wonderful designer can discuss the types of tops you want, the fabrics you prefer, and your unique needs for a perfect fit. The possibilities are endless! From tank tops to t-shirts to sweaters in various colors and fabrics, we can help you create a diverse wardrobe for a reasonable price.

Stop stressing about in-store sizes! Contact Amazing Alterations today to see what we can do to help you create a wardrobe you feel comfortable and confident in, or to set up a free consultation! Give us a call at 763-432-5243 or email us at Stay posted to read about custom plus-sized skirts and pants!