Bustling Wedding Gowns in St. Louis Park, MN (Part 4): Waterfall Bustle

The “waterfall” bustle is another option for bustling your gown in St. Louis Park, MN.

The waterfall bustle style is similar to the basic under bustle.   It is created in the same way – by fastening a loop on the outer layer to a button on a higher area of the inner layer of the skirt – but with the waterfall style there is more than one row of under bustles. These multiple rows create a “waterfall” effect.


The waterfall bustle is soft and romantic, giving the back of your dress a beautiful shape and detail. This style is a wonderful choice for dresses with long trains or with a lot of detail, such as applique on the back of the skirt. Occasionally, brides will choose to have their dresses permanently bustled in this style ,as it adds a lot of body and detail in the back of the dress.

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