Bustling Wedding Gowns in Champlin, MN (Part 3): Over Bustle Style

Wedding Gown Bustling, In Champlin, MN…Over Bustles: Another option for a bustle style.

As our previous post explained, there are multiple ways each wedding dress can be bustled. The second of these options is called the “over” bustle. For this style, a loop on the lower part of the skirt is pulled up and attached to the upper part of the skirt. The bustle is securely fastened with either a small hook, clear buttons, or frosted buttons with a rhinestone detail that blend nicely with almost every style of dress.

The over bustle is a great bustle choice for a two main reasons. Firstly, the over bustle beautifully displays detail on the bottom of your dress, making your beading or rhinestoning the focal point of your skirt. Secondly, it is very simple to prepare before the reception – simply find the loop on the bottom of the skirt and attach it to the button at the top.

This style works with dresses that have shorter trains. Over bustles typically have only two to four fastening points at the top of the skirt, which makes it a difficult style to use with longer, heavy trains.

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