Bustling Wedding Gowns in Coon Rapids, MN (Part 1): Is there more than one style?

Creating Many Styles of Bustling on a Wedding Gown for Brides in Coon Rapids, MN

With an expert, the options for bustling your dress are endless. There are two main styles, either “French” or “Over” bustles. While the choice of bustle is ultimately yours, we have three criteria that help us find the bustle style that works best for you and your dress.

  1. We want to be sure the  bustle will stay. You won’t want to be worrying about the train falling while you’re dancing! We use sturdy but inconspicuous hooks and loops or buttons (depending on the bustle style) that eliminate the stress of a broken bustle.
  2. The bustle should compliment the dress. If you have intricate beading on the train of your dress, you will want to choose a bustle style that maximizes the sparkle. We wouldn’t want to hide such a beautiful part of your gown!
  3. The bustling process should be easy to do. There is nothing more frustrating than spending an hour in the back room trying to figure out which button goes where, especially when some bustles can have as many as eight or ten bustle points. We make this process completely stress free by showing those responsible for this important transition the easiest way to bustle the dress. Some brides even choose to videotape the step-by-step directions so they can refer to the recording the day of the wedding!

At Amazing Alterations, we work with you to decide the bustle style that will make you most comfortable and worry-free on your big day. Stay posted to read more about different possibilities within the French and Over bustle categories! Call us today to set up a free consultation to discuss bustling options for your dream dress at 763-432-5243, or email us at appts@amazingalterations.com.