Bustling Wedding Gowns in Edina, MN (Part 5): Flip Under Bustle

Wedding Gown Bustling Styles, Edina MN…The final bustle style: The “flip under” bustle.

The last type of French (or under) bustle style is what we call the flip under bustle. This style does not look bustled at all, as we use buttons or hooks to tuck the train underneath the bottom of the dress, essentially creating a new hemline.

This flip under bustle is a good option in two main situations. Firstly, it is a wonderful choice for brides with shorter trains who are trying to avoid the typical bustled look, but still want their train out of the way for the reception. Secondly, this style looks beautiful with mermaid style (or fit-and-flare or trumpet style) dresses.

However, this style is not usually the best option for brides who have a destination wedding and are planning on wearing the dress again at a reception back at home. Although the bustle eliminates the hassle of a train, the hem of the dress will still brush lightly against the ground. With a flip under bustle, the hem of your bustled dress is not the original hem, but is instead a part of your train. This part of your dress can become irreversibly dirty, and may not be entirely clean if you are to re-wear your unbustled dress for a second reception.

At Amazing Alterations, we are willing to try any bustling style with your dress. Be sure to check out our previous posts regarding other bustling styles to get an idea of what may work for you! Call us today with any questions or to set up a free consultation at 763-432-5243 or email us at appts@amazingalterations.com.